Why I Cloth

cloth diapersI considered cloth diapering while I was pregnant. As a “crunchy” Vermonter, I was attracted to the idea, but ultimately decided it was too much extra laundry for not enough payoff. We were lucky enough to have a highly regarded cloth diapering service in town, but I decided it was not worth the cost.

Then my daughter, the explosive pooper, was born. The first clue was the morning we were getting ready to leave the hospital. She farted so loudly that I heard it from inside the bathroom with the door closed. From that day forward, we could generally hear, feel, AND smell every poop. She was pooping 10+ times a day probably due to an undiagnosed dairy allergy and thanks to her skinny legs it almost never stayed in the diaper.

Quick aside: if this is grossing you out, I’m guessing you don’t have kids yet. Come back when you do. To quote one of my favorite blog posts: “No one told me parenting is just cleaning up poop.

In no time at all, she had stained nearly every outfit she owned. And I figured that if I was going to wash poop out of baby clothes multiple times a day, I might as well wash poop out of diapers that are meant for that purpose.

I started cloth diapering around 2 months and so far it’s worked great for me. Granted, it’s been pretty easy so far because my daughter is exclusively breastfeed so I haven’t had to mess around with a diaper sprayer yet. I just throw the diapers in the wash as is and everything comes out. I’m not super ideological about it – I still use disposables sometimes when we’re traveling, or have a babysitter, or I left the clean diapers in the dryer and don’t feel like going downstairs to get them. But so far my experience has been great.

The second reason I’ve stuck with cloth diapers is that they’re so darn cute! I don’t think there’s anything more adorable than a puffy, colorful baby bum.

What were your reasons for cloth diapering and did you decide to stick with it?

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