Cloth Diapering with a Reluctant Partner

cloth diapersI have an awesome hubby who changes diapers, does laundry, and generally helps out around the house. And he kills spiders for me, which I consider horrifying. But…when it comes to poop, he is a bit of a weeny. So when I told him I thought we should try cloth diapers to contain our daughter’s powerful blowouts, he was less than thrilled.

Now that we have been using them for a few months, he is generally on board. And he certainly appreciates the money we save with cloth!

Here are a few tricks to help convince a reluctant partner to get on board with cloth diapers:

1. Try it from the beginning. My husband didn’t have previous experience with either cloth or disposables, but he was more than happy to learn while we were in the hospital after our baby was born. I think he would have been equally happy to use cloth for that first diaper change and it would have been a great time for us both to learn.

2. Have some pocket diapers, all-in-ones, or maybe even fitteds. After trying several types of cloth diapers, I decided that Flip covers paired with prefolds are my personal favorite. And they’re not hard to use, but they’re also not quite the same as disposables. All-in-ones or pre-stuffed pocket diapers work just like disposables (especially those with Velcro, although I prefer snaps). Fitteds with covers are just like applying 2 layers of disposables. For the same reason, these are great choices for babysitters and daycare.

3. Keep dirty diapers out of sight and out of mind – and, more importantly, out of smell! We currently use large wet bags that zip shut. As she gets older and the diapers get messier, we might shift to a specially designed pail with a carbon filter and a reusable liner.

4. Use disposable liners, disposable inserts, or be willing to dispose of solids yourself. I knew that my poop-averse partner would have a hard time swishing poopy diapers in the toilet or operating a diaper sprayer. So I just asked him to set diapers in a designated location if I was not around and agreed to take care of them myself. If this doesn’t work for you, it might also help to point out that you are also supposed to remove solids from disposable diapers before putting them in the trash.

5. Make workable laundry arrangements. I am happy to wash the diapers – it’s really not much extra work. If you want to share the burden more equitably, you could arrange to have one partner wash them and the other partner fold and put them away. Or you could use a diaper service.

Did you have any difficulty getting your partner on board with cloth diapers and were you able to make it work?

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