We Started Solids!

solidsAs I promised, we started solids on Monday, when my daughter A. turned four months old. I debated about what her first meal would be, but I settled on applesauce, mostly because we had a jar of unsweetened applesauce already open in our fridge.

I got her set up in the high chair with a bib, took out a little bit of applesauce, microwaved it for a few seconds so it wasn’t too cold, and gave her a taste…and she hated it! She made some pretty awesome faces in the process of spitting it out.

I’m not discouraged – I think most babies hate solids the first time they try them, especially if they’re not mixed with breastmilk. I’ll keep giving her little tastes for a few days and see if she starts to like it. If not, oh well, we can try something else or try again in a few weeks.

She had a tiny amount brown rice cereal on Tuesday night and that seemed to go a little better. I started with mostly breastmilk and a little cereal mixed in so the taste was familiar, but she seemed a little confused about how it ended up in her mouth and what to do with it!

I created a Google spreadsheet to keep track of when we try new foods and whether she likes them. If she has an allergic reaction or tummy troubles, this will help me figure out the potential culprit. And I think it will be fun for her to look at when she is older!

Readers, what was your first experience feeding your baby solid food?

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