Dairy-Free Cooking: Thanksgiving Edition

cowsSince I’m not eating dairy this Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking about how to make dairy-free versions of some of my favorite dishes. I’m glad the holiday is about eating turkey and not, say, cheese fondue, because it’s actually pretty easy to make dairy-free versions of popular dishes.

Turkey: Most turkeys that you buy from the store should be dairy-free, but you should check to make sure that they are not, for instance, injected with butter by either the manufacturer or your Thanksgiving host. Despite the name, most Butterball turkeys are safe. Any kosher turkey will be safe. As always, if in doubt, it’s a good practice to read the label.

Stuffing: There’s no real reason that stuffing needs to be made with dairy ingredients, but dairy products are hiding in a lot of bread, especially cornbread. As long as you read the label carefully and avoid using other dairy products in the recipe, you should be fine. If you want to use cornbread, you can make it from scratch using soy or almond milk in the recipe or buy a dairy free mix. This Stove Top cornbread stuffing mix does not appear to contain any dairy ingredients. Or you can try a vegan recipe like this one.

Mashed potatoes: See my earlier post for my favorite dairy-free mashed potatoes. Another delicious dairy-free option is roasted potatoes.

Green beans: If you want a classic green bean casserole, this version is dairy free. But you might be better off with a different preparation. One yummy version comes from simply steaming green beans or cooking them with olive oil and topped with almonds.

Other dishes: Cranberry sauce is always a good, safe choice. Other ideas include salads that don’t include cheese or dairy dressing, roasted Brussels sprouts, and baked or roasted sweet potatoes.

Do you have any good dairy-free Thanksgiving recipes to share?

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