Blogging as Joy, Not Perfection

NaBloPoMo December 2014I joined the December BlogHer NaBloPoMo (or “National Blog Posting Month”), which means I’ve made a commitment to posting something every day for a month. The December theme is “Joy,” although posts can be about any topic.

I’m excited, but also pretty nervous. Right now I love taking a little time for myself to sit down and share my thoughts on my blog. If I have to post each day, will it be a source or joy or just another source of stress?

I’ve always loved writing. In first grade, I wrote a 100+ page book during Writer’s Workshop at school (OK, I admit the pages didn’t fit many words). During middle school, I enjoyed writing poetry in my free time. In college, I wrote a lengthy thesis, and then re-wrote most of it after my computer was stolen (always back things up, kids). But since I graduated, my writing has pretty much been limited to emails and thank you notes.

Even though I wasn’t really doing formal writing, I still often “wrote” things in my head. I would rewrite past conversations in my head, or write up paragraphs of advice that I imagined giving my past self. So once I started blogging, it didn’t take much to open the floodgates of words and thoughts I had stored up.

Writing isn’t the problem for me – the problem is finding the time to sit down, type up my thoughts, and edit them. All day long, ideas for blog posts pop into my head but most of them never make it on paper.

The other obstacle is my own self-consciousness about my writing. Even though I blog anonymously and basically no one reads my posts (hi, mom!), I still hesitate to hit the publish button. And I often go back and edit things days and even weeks later because I’m still thinking about whether a sentence sounds weird.

Now that I’ve committed to blogging each day, I will probably have to sacrifice some editing time just to get it done. And it means I might have to worry less about how it sounds and just be okay with the fact that I’ve written something. It probably won’t be my best, but that’s OK. December’s theme is joy, not perfection!

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