Solids Update: Hey Mikey, She Likes It!

solidsA. had her first taste of solid food on November 17, when she turned 4 months. We started with applesauce and then with a little rice cereal. At first, she was definitely not a fan. She looked horrified by the taste and seemed to choke the food down, not sure what to do with it.

I didn’t pressure her to eat, I just gave her a little taste each day. Once she made a face, turned away, or closed her mouth when the spoon approached, I would take her out of the high chair and breastfeed her. At this point, she gets all the nutrition she needs from breastmilk and she just needs to explore solid food, not necessarily eat any of it.

I was amazed by how quickly she started not just tolerating but actually enjoying solids. Within about a week she started leaning her head toward the spoon eagerly. She still hasn’t quite figured out how to eat off the spoon, but I’m sure she will with time.

In addition to the applesauce and rice cereal, she has now tried cranberry sauce, avocado, and napkin (oops, that one was an accident!). Squash and banana are up next.

I was a horribly picky eater while my husband was a great eater. I’m hoping she inherited his love for food and will keep enjoying new tastes!

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