Infant Hannukah Gift Guide

christmas_gift_wrapThis will be our first Hannukah with a child and we are quite excited. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to locate good Hannukah-themed gifts. Amazon, our usual source of everything from shoes to groceries, has few good choices. For instance, a search for “stuffed menorah” turns up two dog chew toys and a dog hat, which I find both sad and hilarious. Amazon also offers an adorable Little People Hanukkah Set for the low, low price of $239.99. Eep.

If you find these choices as uninspiring as I do, here are a few ideas for Hannukah-themed baby gifts:

1. Pajamas. Winter holidays are an excellent occasion for sitting around all day in a new pair of PJs. These menorah PJs on Etsy are quite cute. Another good option is these footed Hannukah PJs. If you don’t like either of those choices, there are plenty of “winter”-themed PJs.

2. Onesies. This my first Hannukah onesie is adorable and this is a cute long-sleeved one. And if your baby is eating solids, he or she might look cute in this “little latke lover” onesie.

3. Stickers. You can instantly turn any onesie into a Hannukah themed one with a sticker like this. Or with these you can have a sticker for each night.

4. Bibs. This is an adorable embroidered Hannukah bib and this is a cute fabric version.

4. Stuffed menorah (this one is actually meant for babies, not pets!), dreidl, or Hannukah bear.

5. Books. Hannukah-themed books that look like good choices for young kids include Curious George, Elmo, Corduroy, and The Count.

6. Mezuzah. While a mezuzah is not actually Hannukah-related, it can be a good gift for the baby’s room if you did not already receive one.

7. Mensch on a Bench. I’m not sure whether to regard this as a real product or as a parody of Elf on the Shelf, but it would certainly be a cute addition to your Hannukah decor.

8. Music. Our rabbi gave us this CD of Yiddish, Ladino, and Hebrew lullabies when we celebrated our baby’s naming ceremony. It is hauntingly beautiful and I listen to it all the time.

9. Aleph Bet Blocks. These are classic wooden blocks, just with Hebrew letters.


That’s nine ideas for eight nights – not bad! Any other good ideas for Hannukah baby gifts?

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