I’ll Take My MacArthur Genius Grant Now, Thanks

sleepAfter a few days of sleep training, we seem to have passed the 4 month sleep regression and nighttime sleep has improved immensely (I am seriously knocking on wood right now). Most nights she goes down in 5-10 minutes with a little fussing, talking to herself, and hand sucking and only wakes up 1 or 2 times.

Naps are another story. Aside from a mysterious 3 hour nap on Thanksgiving, most naps max out at 45 minutes and are often even shorter. As a result, I was often spending much, much longer putting her down to nap than she actually slept. It was frustrating, to say the least.

So we’ve started some gentle nap training. We follow a short nap routine – sleep sack, song, and kiss – and she goes down awake. I then give her a 1/2 hour to fuss before I intervene and get her up or nurse her to sleep.

It’s working decently well and she usually falls asleep before the 1/2 hour mark, but only after 15-20 minutes.

So the other day I put her down for her morning nap a little early since she seemed sleepy. She was just falling asleep and I was crawling back into bed to take a nap too…when my phone started going off super loudly. It was the alarm I had set to remind myself to put the baby down for a nap by 9. And of course it woke both of us up. Clearly a genius move.

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