The Exciting Life I Now Lead


Since my daughter A. was born, I’ve pretty much only left the house alone a few times to run to the grocery store or to go to the dentist. Even those occasions were pretty exciting – I could park ANYWHERE without worrying about how far I had to schlep the car seat, trying to heft the thing onto a grocery cart, and then dashing through the store in time to get home for a nap.

So I was pretty excited on Friday night when our in-laws graciously volunteered to come over so we could put the baby to bed and then go out to a hockey game. My husband and I are both big fans of UVM’s hockey team, currently ranked #10 in the country.

So after inhaling my dinner, and encouraging A. to inhale hers, I tossed her in the crib and bolted out the door as fast as possible, yelling FREEDOM on my way out (not joking, ask my husband).

Unfortunately, we were still not fast enough to make it to the game before the parking lot filled up. My husband, not trusting the clearly labeled “overflow parking” signs, decided our best bet was to park at the country club, hike through a snowy field, and scale a chain link fence. Luckily it’s not date night in Vermont without snow boots, so we were both prepared!

By the time we got to the game, the score was 2-1 with UVM in the lead. Naturally, no goals were scored for the rest of the game, unless you count the 7 year old who managed to get the puck past the guy dressed as a burrito between the periods. We did have some excitement when we received a series of texts of escalating urgency from our babysitter asking where we kept our plunger.

When we got home, A. was wide awake (it was 10 pm, why would she be sleeping?). Despite all the craziness and the fact that our sleep training attempt has apparently been useless, we had a great time. I’m looking forward to the next time I get out of the house, most likely when she turns 35 and moves out of my basement.

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