I Guess Sleep Training is Not Not Working?


We’ve been committed to sleep training for about a week and a half and have definitely seen some improvement, but it’s definitely not been a miracle. A lot of people promise it will be better by the third night. Those people probably have normal children, not demon children who would prop their eyelids open with toothpicks to stay awake just one more hour if they had the hand-eye coordination to do so.

After a week and a half of sleep training, we’ve continued to have okay, not great nights. We’ve put her in her crib awake every night. Some nights she goes to bed without even a fuss. Some nights she fusses or cries for 15-20 minutes. She feeds 2-3 times a night, which is not terrible, but I can still count the number of times I’ve had four continuous hours of sleep since she was born on two hands. Sometimes she wakes up an hour or two after bedtime and we have to let her cry a bit before she goes back to sleep.

It’s been particularly difficult because she is a tummy sleeper (I know, I know, don’t judge) who is very excited to practice rolling from her tummy to back but can’t roll the other way yet. So she frequently gets stuck and we have to go in, turn her over, and leave. But as soon as she sees us she wants to play and/or eat and is VERY unhappy when we leave again.

Overall, it’s a vast improvement from waking every 2 hours, but not a miracle cure. I think if we had waited until she was older and better able to self soothe it would have worked better. A lot of people suggest 6 months as a better time to start sleep training. But there was no way I could have continued waking every 2 hours for another 2 months.

Naps have been a different story. I swear I’ve read everything on the Internet about naps and prayed to the gods of at least 3 religions, but it still usually takes 30 minutes for her to go down and she sleeps for 45 minutes max. Yesterday I put her down, got in the shower, and she was already awake by the time I got out.

I was trying REALLY hard to establish a schedule, to the point of barely leaving the house lest I miss a nap time, and it hasn’t worked. So I think it’s time to loosen up a little bit on naps. We’ll be traveling for Christmas and by the time we get home she’ll be 5.5 months (holy cow). Maybe by that time she’ll be more ready to stick to a schedule. Or maybe she’ll be done with sleeping, forever, which seems to be her greatest wish in life. We’ll see!

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