Tales of Caffeine Addiction

A_small_cup_of_coffeeDespite the fact that my husband works for a coffee company and receives ridiculous amounts of free coffee, neither of drank coffee before our daughter was born. My husband used to drink a cup every now and then because he enjoyed the taste, but SWORE he would never become a coffee drinker.

Two weeks after she was born, he began drinking a cup of coffee every day at work. But he wouldn’t drink it on weekends and SWORE he would never do so because he didn’t want to get addicted.

After a month of living with a weekend zombie, he finally started drinking coffee on weekends. But he SWORE he would never have more than a cup a day.

A few weeks ago, he started on that second cup.

A few days ago, I started drinking a cup in the morning too. Now I can never, ever be pregnant again because how on earth am I supposed to function without this caffeine?

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