A. is Five Months Old!

Dear A.,

It seems like only yesterday that you were born and it was definitely 5 minutes ago that you turned 4 months. It still astonishes me when we go out and I see people with babies younger than you.Seeing you grow makes me both really happy and really sad – I can’t bear the thought that you will someday be too big to fit in the crook of my arm and cuddle.

You have matured so much this past month. Your dad and I agree that you are getting more and more fun each day. Your babbling and laughing have really taken off this month. You can be a bit shy around other people or mesmerized by new surroundings, but at home with mom and dad you are quite the entertainer. You make all sorts of sounds and gurgles and laugh when mom and dad make silly faces or sing silly songs.

You have always loved to eat, but you finally settled down to eating a few times a day instead of every waking minute. When you are hungry, you still don’t hesitate to let mom know it. Your latest trick is trying to eat mom’s face or shoulder! Nursing is our special time together and you love to look into mom’s eyes and play with my shirt or relax with your eyes closed when you are sleepy.

You also started solids this past month. You weren’t too keen on them at first, but now you are very excited whenever you see the spoon and move your whole head toward it. So far you have tried applesauce, brown rice, cranberry sauce, avocado, butternut squash, sweet potato, broccoli, peas, and banana. Rice, applesauce, and bananas are probably your favorites so far. You’re not quite sure about broccoli but we’ve only tried it once.

You still have a very tough time falling asleep without mama’s “magic pacifier”. You are getting better at going to sleep, but it’s a process. You usually nap 3 times a day for 45 minutes at a time. Most nights you wake up 2 or 3 times but fall asleep pretty easily after you eat.

This month, you really started enjoying books. You love to grab and swat them and look at the pictures. You used to have a hard time sitting through them, but now you usually enjoy reading 2 or 3 at bedtime.

You are definitely a tummy sleeper and have been since a let you sleep on your tummy. You still love tummy time and are working very hard on getting up on your hands and knees. You’ve managed to do it a few times for a split second. You are also working very hard on rolling from tummy to back and side to tummy, but can’t get from your back to your tummy yet. Sometimes you practice in your crib and get stuck, which makes you very unhappy until mom or dad flips you back!

You don’t mind when mommy kisses your head and your hands and your feet which is a good thing because mommy does it a lot! Sometimes when daddy comes home he thinks you smell like mommy’s chap stick because of all the kisses! I loved you from the minute I found out I was pregnant (and before – I knew it even before the pregnancy test) but I love you more and more each day. I’m not sure how I can make room in my heart to love you any more, but I know I will.

Love with all my heart,


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