How NOT to Remove Cloth Diaper Stains

cloth diapersWith cloth diapers, a little staining every now and then is inevitable. As the saying goes, “sh*t happens.”

For the most part, stains will come out with a little time in the sun or on the next time through the wash. I have no idea how the sun works its magic, but it’s seriously amazing.

However, if some of your diapers come out a little stained. I do NOT recommend just throwing them in again with the next wash load. Particularly if the next wash load contains a pair of blue jeans. Because that extra wash will probably get rid of the slight yellow staining you had and instead replace it with this:

2014-12-13 22.09.27


Unfortunately, I’m guessing that no amount of sunning or re-washing is going to get rid of that nice blue dye I just added to my expensive, almost brand new diaper.

So now the dilemma: do I just leave it, or undo all of the environmental benefit of using cloth diapers by blasting them with crazy amounts of chemicals?

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