A. is Eight Months Old!

Dear A.,

Wow, another month that flew by! This month has been a big one – you learned to crawl and to pull to standing. I first suspected something was going on when you kept waking up with red knees. You were practicing in your crib! After a few days, you started crawling a few steps on the carpet, and then a few more, and then you were off! You love to explore the house, giggling as you discover new things.

We visited your cousin D. this month. It was so fun to see the two of you interact and to see how you are both alike and different. You’ve always been a very active baby, but D. is in a whole new category of activity! D. would crawl all over the room, stand up, and pull toys out of the shelf as you watched. She was very interested in you, but you were more interested in the adults. At one point, you got very jealous and burst into tears when I was paying too much attention to D. Luckily, you both were friendly and gentle with one another, although you did enjoy tapping a block on D.’s head!

We all enjoyed the nice weather while we were in Washington, D.C. You got to swing in a swing and feel grass for the first time. You were very interested in trying to eat sticks and leaves!

While the trip was a lot of fun, unfortunately it threw a wrench into our sleep training. You had a hard time going and staying to sleep in a strange environment. One night, we left you and D. with a babysitter and came home to find you wide awake and happily playing with her. This was not a surprise – in fact, we realized that has happened every time we left you with a sitter except for once!

You learned to dance this month, which is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. You will dance to all kinds of music – baby music, the radio, or my singing, but your favorite is your lantern toy. You love to spin the roller and then dance to the song that plays.

You have also really started recognizing words this month. You definitely know the words “daddy” and “mama.” You also know the words “hi,” “bye,” and “night night” and will wave when you hear someone say them. I think you also know the word “kiss” (you will sometimes kiss me when you hear it) and the words “hands” and “feet” (you will look at them when you hear those words). There are a lot of other words that you definitely recognize even if you don’t know the exact meanings – when you hear them, you will look at me and often smile or laugh with recognition. Those words include milk, eat, more, and all done. I’ve also started saying, “What does the fishy say?” and making fish lips. You think that is hilarious!

You’ve continued babbling, although you are not a huge talker. Your favorite sound is still “dada,” although you don’t use it to refer to daddy yet. I haven’t heard you say “mama” yet, much to my chagrin!

You still love to eat and will eat pretty much anything. We’re hoping you stay this good of an eater! You even seem to enjoy spicy food. You definitely prefer adult food over baby food and want whatever mom and dad are eating. You are very good at feeding yourself and even learned to reach down into the container of puffs, grab a puff, and eat it. You also recognize a lot of food containers and will reach for them or fuss when you want a snack. Some of your favorite foods are Cheerios and berries. We have given you pretty much everything that doesn’t involve honey or dairy, including peanut butter and eggs. Your dairy sensitivity has improved a lot and I can more or less eat as much dairy as I want. We will probably let you try dairy in the next month.

You’ve always loved your mom, but have really been attached to me this month in particular. Your favorite thing in the world is to climb on me. When I’m standing somewhere, you usually crawl up to me, grab my feet, and laugh. Sometimes you don’t even let daddy feed you – only mom will do! You are very friendly with people you have met before – even people like grandma and grandpa that you don’t see that often. You have gotten much more wary about strangers. One time you started crying when a strange man tried to talk to you! It touches me how much you love me and I wish you could know how much I love you and how my heart burst with joy every time you do your happy wiggle.

Some of the things I never want to forget include: you and your cousin studying and patting each other, the time you climbed up on me and your cousin decided to join you, the way you laughed hysterically when I pushed you in a swing for the first time, and the way you dance to everything, and the way you smile and wiggle while I feed you in your high chair.

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