A. is Nine Months Old!

Dear A.,

You have now reached the milestone of being outside my tummy for as long as you were in it. Wow!

The first half of this month was probably the roughest since you were four months old. For about a week, you slept through the night. Amazing! Then you learned to stand up well and started doing it in your crib at every opportunity. At first, you knew how to stand up but not how to sit down! On top of that, you were going through some amazing mental leaps. This seemed to undo all the progress we had made by sleep training you. You were cranky and clingy all day long. But once that regression passed, you turned into the happiest baby in the world and you were a joy to play with.

This month you picked up a few new dance moves and also learned to clap, which you will do happily for hours. You have always been very friendly with strangers, but you can now instantly wrap anyone around your finger by smiling, waving, and clapping, which you do to almost everyone.

You also really started to love books this month. I was so happy since I love to read too! You now enjoy sitting and looking through books all by yourself. Books with flaps to lift or fuzzy things to feel are your favorites. You also love when I read to you, although you can be picky. Your favorite are books with words and pictures you recognize.

You are really starting to recognize so many words! You can point to a dog in a book when I ask you where the doggie is. You wave when you hear the words hello, goodbye, night night, or wave (even sometimes when I am singing and the song has one of those words). You will clap when you hear the words clap or yay. You will grab your doll’s hands or feet when I say those words. You will kiss your doll when I make the doll say I love you. It’s so exciting now that you are really starting to communicate!

You no longer seem bothered at all when I consume milk products and you’re even able to consume some yourself. You continue to enjoy all sorts of foods – even spicy ones! We gave you a lemon and you liked it! Your favorite is trying anything new. If I give you something you haven’t tried before, you’ll eat a ton of it, then turn up your nose at the leftovers the next day. You definitely don’t get that from me!

I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. I’m already starting to plan your first birthday, but at the same time I’m wishing I could magically freeze you at this age.

I love you so much and every day with you is a joy.



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