A. is 6 Months Old!

Dear A.,

I really cannot believe that you are 6 months old today – that’s half of a year!

A lot has really come together in this past month and we can’t believe how quickly you’ve grown and matured. You’re not yet sleeping through the night, but over the past week you’ve started waking up just once a night, with the occasional bad night thrown in. You’ve learned to put yourself to sleep really well at bedtime, and pretty well at naptime, as long as you don’t disagree about whether you should be napping! You also have started taking longer naps.

Now that your naps have gotten better and more predictable, we’ve started doing a lot more. I started exercising a couple of mornings a week at a place with child care. You’ve gotten into the swing of it and really enjoy the excitement of visiting a different place and playing with other kids. And all of the people there absolutely love you! We also started swim lessons downtown at the Y. You liked your first swim lesson but you were pretty cranky afterward in the locker room. Luckily Auntie Munch came along for the first lesson to take pictures and to help us out afterward.

Because of our morning activities, most mornings you are awake between 7 and 10:30, which is really too long for a baby your age. You do just fine, but are ready for a nap the second we get home. Because of the long morning, most days you only get two naps.

This month was both your first Hannukah and your first Christmas. As the first grandchild on both sides of the family surrounded by people who love and spoil you, you were showered with gifts! It was a bit overwhelming for both you and me. This Christmas was also your second trip to Iowa since you were born. You had a much harder time adjusting this time, but settled right back in as soon as we got home.

You, me, and Daddy have been passing colds back and forth all month so it’s been a bit of a cranky month for all of us. You’ve been in a surprisingly good mood despite your cold, although you scream bloody murder every time we try to wipe your nose, let alone use the snot sucker.

You’ve continued eating solids and have added a lot to your palate this month – spinach, broccoli, green beans, peaches, and oatmeal, among other things. You’re still a great eater and love your vegetables as well as your fruits! You haven’t shown any interest in feeding yourself yet, although you do sometimes try to steal the spoon. In general, you don’t put a lot of things into your mouth, including toys (or not until you have thoroughly examined them, at least).

This month you suddenly started sitting up. You hadn’t shown any interest and then one day, boom, you could sit! At first you toppled pretty easily, but now you are quite stable even when leaning over to reach for things. You’ve also started getting up on your hands and knees when you can keep your knees under you, and even sometimes on your hands and feet!¬†You haven’t rolled over from back to tummy yet, although you can with just a little help.

Although you laughed occasionally before, you’ve started laughing a lot this month. When you’re happy,¬†sometimes you smile and your whole body spasms with happiness – it looks like you’re doing the worm or the butterfly. When you’re unhappy, you sometimes bring out an icy glare that could freeze the Sahara. You mostly use it on strange men, and one time on Grandma when she tried to talk to you while you were pooping.

Some of the things that are hard to capture on video but I never want to forget include: that happy body spasm, the little sigh you make sometimes when you are asleep at night, the way you look into my eyes with wonder and contentment when you nurse, your sweet little voice when you babble, and the way you smile with recognition when you see me after I’ve left you with someone else for a little bit.

A., I continue to love you more and more each day and nothing makes me happier than seeing you smile, laugh, and play. These 6 months have been an incredible journey – full of exhaustion and joy. I am excited to see you continue to grow up but I also never want to forget what you were like right now, at this moment.