I Was Not Prepared for This Poop

solidsA. has been eating solids for a little over a month now. Although she hated them on the first few tries, she now really enjoys solid food and has come around on most veggies after trying them a few times. We’ve been feeding her once a day around 5 or 6, with an occasional nibble at other times of the day.

I’ve been feeding her almost entirely homemade baby food. Although this impresses some people, it’s really the easiest kind of cooking imaginable. If I’m making a fruit or veggie for dinner, I just steam it, set some aside, and then run it through the food processor. I haven’t worried too much about making it perfectly smooth and she’s done fine.

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How NOT to Remove Cloth Diaper Stains

cloth diapersWith cloth diapers, a little staining every now and then is inevitable. As the saying goes, “sh*t happens.”

For the most part, stains will come out with a little time in the sun or on the next time through the wash. I have no idea how the sun works its magic, but it’s seriously amazing.

However, if some of your diapers come out a little stained. I do NOT recommend just throwing them in again with the next wash load. Particularly if the next wash load contains a pair of blue jeans. Because that extra wash will probably get rid of the slight yellow staining you had and instead replace it with this:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Convert!

cloth diapersThe other night as we were getting into bed, my hubby turned to me and said, unprompted, “I really like how when we use those diapers, poop doesn’t get everywhere.” He was referring to the cloth diaper he had just changed. He was initially a big skeptic, but it appears that he has been won over. Well, at least he’s happy about using the diapers; I still don’t think he would be happy washing them.

Meanwhile, we’ve been using disposables for the past day and a half because I’m a bit behind on laundry. Oh well, I do the best I can.

Cloth Diapering with a Reluctant Partner

cloth diapersI have an awesome hubby who changes diapers, does laundry, and generally helps out around the house. And he kills spiders for me, which I consider horrifying. But…when it comes to poop, he is a bit of a weeny. So when I told him I thought we should try cloth diapers to contain our daughter’s powerful blowouts, he was less than thrilled.

Now that we have been using them for a few months, he is generally on board. And he certainly appreciates the money we save with cloth!

Here are a few tricks to help convince a reluctant partner to get on board with cloth diapers:

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Why I Cloth

cloth diapersI considered cloth diapering while I was pregnant. As a “crunchy” Vermonter, I was attracted to the idea, but ultimately decided it was too much extra laundry for not enough payoff. We were lucky enough to have a highly regarded cloth diapering service in town, but I decided it was not worth the cost.

Then my daughter, the explosive pooper, was born. The first clue was the morning we were getting ready to leave the hospital. She farted so loudly that I heard it from inside the bathroom with the door closed. From that day forward, we could generally hear, feel, AND smell every poop. She was pooping 10+ times a day probably due to an undiagnosed dairy allergy and thanks to her skinny legs it almost never stayed in the diaper.

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