Ideas for Infant Stocking Stuffers

xmas stocking

My husband and I are Jewish and raising our daughter to be Jewish as well. However, we celebrate Christmas with my family, keeping many of the traditions from when I was growing up. I am currently making this needlepoint Christmas stocking for my daughter just like my mom made needlepoint stockings for my four siblings and I.

I’m currently on track to finish the stocking by the time my daughter leaves for college. But regardless of whether I hang this stocking or a different one, I’ve been collecting fun things to stuff it with for months. You see, I am generally not a big shopper – in fact, I actively dislike it. The only real exception is baby stuff, for which I have a major weakness. Even though she will only be 5 months old this Christmas and pretty clueless about the whole thing, I’m super excited and that’s all that matters, right?

Here are some ideas I have for infant stocking stuffers:

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