I’m Addicted to Serial

PodcastlogoI amĀ a long-time listener to This American Life so I was pretty excited when I heard they were releasing a “spinoff” called Serial. Yup, I liked it before it was cool. Now that we’re nineĀ episodes in, I have become REALLY addicted. I’m already wondering how I will survive Thanksgiving since they’re not releasing a new episode that day. I guess I will have to drown my sorrow in a pool of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

In addition to Serial itself, I’ve been nerding out with Slate’s Serial podcast – yes, a podcast about a podcast – and the Serial subreddit which I admit is a pretty sad corner of the Internet.

Like everyone else listening, I go back and forth on whether Adnan did it. Here are my current thoughts. (WARNING: this contains spoilers, including spoilers about episode 9).

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