Traveling with a 4 Month Old, Part II: Surviving the Sleepocalypse

TravelNOTE: Traveling with a 4 Month Old, Part I: Packing can be found here and Part III: Car Hell can be found here.

My daughter A. has never been a very good sleeper. First she had her days and nights mixed up (common for a newborn), then she cluster fed like crazy and wanted to eat all night long, then she had tummy issues, and right as we were finally resolving those she hit the 4 month sleep regression. Suddenly she was fighting sleep like crazy and all naps topped out at 45 minutes again.

This week we finally got some relief as she settled into one night waking (yay) and her naps started to lengthen again (double yay). And so, of course, this is the week we are traveling for Thanksgiving.

Along with packing for the trip, I have been desperately researching and planning ways to avoid completely screwing up my daughter’s sleep. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

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A. is 4 Months Old!

BirthdayI can’t believe my baby girl is already 4 months old! 1/3 of a year – holy cow, I am definitely not ready for this. My tiny, sleepy newborn is already a playful little girl.

I have decided to refer to her as “A.” on this blog rather than using her real name so that she can’t hate me when she is a teenager. Or at least she can’t hate me for writing about her poop on the Internet – I’m sure she’ll find other reasons!

Tomorrow we’re going to the doctor and will find out how big she is. She is really filling out well since her 2 month visit and is eating like crazy this week so I’m guessing she will be around 14 pounds.

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