The Mommy Wars Lightning Round

PodcastlogoSlate’s Mom and Dad are Fighting podcast is one of my favorites. They recently had a Mommy Wars lightning round¬†segment in which they quickly declared their opinions about the main controversies in modern parenting (it starts about 20 minutes in). The episode inspired me to do the same.

I tend toward wishy washy pacifism when it comes to most things, including the Mommy Wars. Everything I have to say comes with the giant caveat that I think pretty much any of these choices are OK. For the most part, people should do what they want. That being said, don’t starve your kid if he or she can’t breastfeed, don’t sleep with your kid if you are drunk or high, and VACCINES ARE NOT OPTIONAL.

Anyway, here is my stance on the main Mommy Wars controversies:

Cry it out or don’t? I would have a really hard time letting our baby cry for an extended period of time, but if she still has trouble going to sleep between 6 and 12 months and nothing else works, I will definitely do it. Our baby is currently almost 4 months and we sometimes let her fuss or cry for 5-10 minutes before she goes to sleep, but no longer. No one wants to let their babies cry, but some babies are bad sleepers that have a really hard time learning to self soothe.

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