Traveling with a 4 Month Old, Part I: Packing


NOTE: Traveling with a 4 Month Old, Part II: Surviving the Sleepocalypse, can be found here and Part III: Car Hell can be found here.

This Thanksgiving, we are taking a major car trip with our 4 month old baby, “A”. While we’ve flown with her before, this is our first car trip, and our longest trip to date.

We have an ambitious trip planned – you could call it the show off the new baby tour – that involves swinging through Connecticut, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, and Rochester. Clearly, we were out of our minds when we planned this, but too late to go back now.

After much deliberation, I compiled an exhaustive list of everything that we could possibly need. Now I just have to figure out how to cram it into my Toyota Corolla.

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