The Exciting Life I Now Lead


Since my daughter A. was born, I’ve pretty much only left the house alone a few times to run to the grocery store or to go to the dentist. Even those occasions were pretty exciting – I could park ANYWHERE without worrying about how far I had to schlep the car seat, trying to heft the thing onto a grocery cart, and then dashing through the store in time to get home for a nap.

So I was pretty excited on Friday night when our in-laws graciously volunteered to come over so we could put the baby to bed and then go out to a hockey game. My husband and I are both big fans of UVM’s hockey team, currently ranked #10 in the country.

So after inhaling my dinner, and encouraging A. to inhale hers, I tossed her in the crib and bolted out the door as fast as possible, yelling FREEDOM on my way out (not joking, ask my husband).

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